The Server

Every college student knows the best jobs while in school are bartender and server jobs because of the money that you could make. I did both and working in that industry you work with a lot of beautiful girls, I was already putting myself in the worst situation. I had to transfer to a different restaurant at the time heard it was one of the busiest locations in the region so of course I wanted to be there. My first day walking in, caught eyes with a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and an amazing body. I told my self if there are more females that look better then her I’m going to be in trouble here. Being the guy that I am I can tell when a white girl likes black guys, there is a certain look I get from them. If there are gentlemen reading this, yes women look at us like a piece of meat as well, once I get that look it’s only a matter of time that Marcus gets to explore all of her sexually fantasies and desires. All the employees were welcoming and of course my potential blonde kitten and I had conversations. As the months went on I told everyone more about myself, I let all females know that I was in a relationship it was the right thing to do. Became very close with everyone and we would have nights out whenever we weren’t working. 
One night we agreed to go to a club so I met them at the club because I knew I wasn’t going to drink that much and have and early night and leave within an hour of getting there. As soon I get it in 4 shots of red label right away, so I’m on a wave now feeling nice and the blonde walks up to me starts dancing in front me, I turn her around and grabbing her waist I whisper in her ear saying is she sure she wants to do this after this dance your going to want to do some freaky things. She whispers back that’s exactly what I want to do, now she knows I have a girl and that this moment is when I should pull away but it’s all about self discipline which you already know I don’t have. Everyone meets outside to catch cabs and ubers, she comes up behind me and asks if I could drop her home. She tells me her address and it’s 3 minutes from my place, yeah you already guessed it there is multiple stories of this blonde. I agree to drop her home, the savage gentleman kit is in my trunk ready to go once we get to her place. 
It’s a 15 minute drive back to the area where we live, she asked if I’ve ever gotten road head I laugh and she unbuckles my belt zips down my pants and puts my dick in her mouth. This girl is amazing and crazy the head is perfect but I can’t focus on driving when this is happening, I can’t tell the amount of times I swerved into different lanes. I looked like a drunk driver to others that night but I was just getting my dick sucked and didn’t really have control of my legs. We get to her place, I’m not going to interrupt her at this moment she’s giving some A1 head, I recline my seat back and she stops looks up and says let’s go inside. Her mascara running down her face, I tell her to go take a look at the trunk. She sees my kit with everything in it and says she’s excited, I grab the briefcase and walk into her place. We enter her room and I tell her to take off her clothes and just remain in her bra and panties, I blindfold her and tied her to the bed. She tells me to fuck her, I put my fingers in her mouth and then I start rubbing her clit for about a minute, I stopped and said to her we’ll begin when I say so. 
The Savage Gentleman 

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