The Savage Gentleman 

I have ruined every relationship I’ve been in because I wasn’t serious and risked my relationship for one night with another women at the club. I will never use the excuse of being a male and that this is my nature, we are not wired a certain way it is just a lack of discipline that most men don’t have and refuse to work on. Now I do consider myself gentlemen who actually treats a female right (besides the sleeping with other females, never been caught still wrong I know) but I’ve seen it first hand that men are driving women to insanity. Men have to stop playing around with women and their emotions especially those that act like their in a relationship but never want to be exclusive. I recently let a good girl because she was ready to get serious, I wasn’t ready but I wanted a family with her but all the bullshit I did in the past. If it ever surfaced she would look ridiculous, and if there is one thing I know about women they don’t like the idea of looking stupid. So I let her go because she deserved someone better then me anyways, it maybe a selfish decision, regardless she was going to be hurt. Felt it was better for her to remember me as a gentleman then the Savage that I kept hidden away. 

I’m going to take a different approach with my blog and assist women in avoiding men such as myself, or how to have a man roped so he’ll remain faithful. All the techniques and excuses of male suspicious activities, we are definitely going to venture into the crazy stories in my past because I know you want to hear the wild stories. Yet this is the only way to get these stories off my chest, you will also see how you should be cautious with your females friends. You’d be surprised how many times a female and I are no longer dating and one of her friends/relatives decides to hit me up and she ends up on my bed tied up wanting the same thing her friend experienced. I promise to not hold back on any of my stories, it will be worth the read. 

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